W113221 - Vehicle trimmer

Vehicle trimmer
Warrnambool Offroad - ARB

Successful 4×4 adventure touring is all about preparation, having the best gear and never leaving anything to chance. That’s where the combination of Warrnambool Offroad and ARB 4X4 Accessories come in.
With years of hands on experience fitting accessories, maintaining 4 Wheel Drives and racing them in some of Australia toughest events, you get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Add this to the continuous improvement philosophy of ARB and you have a powerful match, delivering reliability and performance over time.
With a lifetime of adventure touring, offroad racing, building and servicing four wheel drives, you’ll quickly learn that Russell Cairns is the guy who brings the knowledge, experience and advice to the table that not many people can deliver.

Whether you’re heading off across the Simpson or taking the camper to your secret camping destination, you need to make sure your 4WD is going to make the distance. This is where the mix of premium products meets knowledge and experience. It’s the peace of mind knowing you’ll be able to get to your destination, come back and be ready for more.

Our fully qualified team of service professionals are passionate about keeping you going and recommending the necessities that will make the difference between a good holiday and a great one.

The connection between ARB 4X4 Accessories and Warrnambool Offroad is a clear one; well researched and tested premium quality products designed and developed in Australia for Australian conditions and a team of professionals who know the best configuration of accessories to meet your ne.eds.
Working in this placement the student would have experience with mechanics, basic engineering and autoelectrics

Skills You Might Learn

Students will gain an understanding of accessory fitting of 4 wheel drives and all the skills required to work mechanically with these vehicles. The student will learn to work in a safe environment in a mechanical workshop. They will learn to communicate effectively and to solve routine problems.

Typical Tasks & Duties

This placement will give students exposure to a broad base of skills necessary to maintain and fit a range of accessories to 4 wheel drive vehicles. This fitting will require supporting qualified tradesman with mecanical, autoelectrical and engineering processes. It will give the student a grounding in the principles of automotive maintenance and repair.

Student Requirements

The student must have a strong interest in working with 4 wheel drive vehicles. It would be an advantage to be interested in how the vehicles work and where they can travel. This will help in understanding the mechanics required.

Dress Requirements

Tidy clean work gear preferably black polo and trousers. Safety boots are essential.

Special Transport Requirements

The student must make their own way too and from the work place.


  • AUR20716 - Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation
Positions: 1 Position
ID Number: W113221
Industry Area: AUTOMOTIVE
Location: Warrnambool - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
Attendance: The student will attend the work place from 9.00am - 5.30pm.
Added By: South West Local Learning & Employment Network


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