W112474 - Disability assistant

Disability assistant
WDEA Enterprises Warrnambool

Steam and Clean is a unique and dynamic car detailing operation that operates in the heart of the Warrnambool CBD. This division of WDEA Works which operates at 194 Koroit Street, Warrnambool is a success on many levels, with a loyal team of employees, growing client base and solid business performance over 4 decades. It operates in Warrnambool providing valuable and practical employment opportunities in a caring, inclusive and social environment. Workers can expect to work in a safe, supported and social environment, meet new people and connect with the community, be supported based on their specific needs, have quality training and support, have an opportunity to gain new skills and an opportunity to build confidence.

Skills You Might Learn

Steam and Clean work with people of all abilities to provide detailing for vehicles and machinery in Warrnambool. The student would be assisting the area manager to suport the workers with a broad range of duties and with a vast range of people of varying abilities. Employment isn't just about having a job. WDEA Supported Employment Enterprises (SEE) can provide you with a sense of purpose, an opportunity to contribute skills, gain achievement, economic & social participation. Supported Employment can boost your confidence & self-esteem. It connects you with your community and gives you a strong sense of purpose.

Typical Tasks & Duties

Cleaning large machinery through to small motorcycles and industry filters.WDEA enterprises believe employment opportunities are critical in creating an inclusive & empowering community for people with a disability. All employment opportunities at WdeaWorks offer valuable hands-on employment experience in a supportive & social environment. Social and community participation is about connecting with your local community and, in turn, ensuring a sense of purpose and well being.

Student Requirements

WDEA Enterprises focuses on offering meaningful employment opportunities for people with a disability through a range of business enterprises and community support services. These enterprises provide a supported environment for people with a disability to develop their job skills and work ethic, along with an opportunity to make the transition from supported, to open employment. Students working in the enterprises need to have a will to be part of a dynamic team of workers focusing on a caring, safe and inclusive environment for all.

Dress Requirements

Neat tidy but comfortable dress. Work boots are recommended.

Special Transport Requirements

Students need to make their own way too and from the work place.


  • VIC20116 - VCAL Studies
Positions: 1 Position
ID Number: W112474
Location: Warrnambool - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
Attendance: As negotiated with the various area managers.
Added By: South West Local Learning & Employment Network


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