W112287 - Refrigeration and air-conditioning tradesperson

Refrigeration and air-conditioning tradesperson
Fitzgerald Auto Electrics Warrnambool

This is an opportunity for a student who has a genuine interest in Auto Electrics to work with a busy and up to date workshop. This placement gives the student an opportunity to work with computer controlled management systems,learn how to identify and repair faults on electronically controlled systems and build up experience in this industry.

Skills You Might Learn

The student will learn how to assemble basic circuits,assemble and dismantle engines ,use and maintain equipment and tools including hand tools, specialized electrical tools, refer to circuit diagrams and use meters and test equipment.

Typical Tasks & Duties

Removing and replace steering assembly,remove and replace tyre and clutch assemblies, use and maintain measuring equipment,recharge batteries,dismantle and assemble carburetor,fuel pumps,manual transmissions and construct basic electronic circuits would be all part of general tasks the student may be expected to assist with.

Student Requirements

Apply safe working practices and observe OH&S procedures in the work place.the student will need to enjoy practical activities,have good eyesight and normal colour vision, good hand eye coordination,able to approach the task in a systematic and thorough way,and an aptitude for technical activities.

Dress Requirements

Long pants and general trade clothing required

Special Transport Requirements

No Transport issues.


  • 22015VIC - Certificate II in Automotive Studies (Pre-vocational)
  • VIC22261 - Certificate II in Electrotechnology Studies (Pre-vocational)
Positions: 1 Position
ID Number: W112287
Location: Warrnambool - Explore Region
Mode/Type: Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)
Attendance: 8am to 5pm
Added By: South West Local Learning & Employment Network


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