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Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)

Many vocational education and training (VET) programs include opportunities for students to participate in SWL. SWL is on-the-job training during which a student is expected to master a set of skills or competencies related to their VET program. Host employers supervise and instruct the students as they practise and extend the industry skills they have learned in their VET programs. Schools planning to offer SWL are advised to read the Ministerial Order 55 – Structured Workplace Learning Arrangements.

See: Ministerial Order 55 – Structured Workplace Learning Arrangements

The appropriate occupational or workplace health and safety unit of competency in each VET program must be completed at school before the student goes on a work placement.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) VCE VET program publications contain information relating to SWL. The SWL requirements are expressed in hours and weeks and are expected to be carried out over the two-year minimum of VCE VET programs.

See: Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) VCE VET program publications

SWL placement support

Support is available from your Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) to find SWL placements for students undertaking VET programs as part of their VCE, VCAL or SBATs. The role of the LLEN is to work with schools, employers and industry groups to identify appropriate SWL placements that are tailored to local priorities and employment opportunities. This includes facilitating placements for students who are ‘hard to place’, and finding placements that are ‘hard to source’.

The LLEN publishes opportunities on the SWL Statewide Portal. The portal provides teachers and students with an easy to navigate, information and referral point for diverse workplace learning opportunities. Contact your nearest LLEN to find out about the SWL program and to obtain a login to manage SWL placements for your students..

See: More information and SWL Manual